Reproductive Choices Bingo

Anti-Choice Bingo, by Nettle Syrup, a Feministing community user (original picture here):

Row 1
So what if women die of unsafe abortion? It’s the principle of the thing.
Men don’t have the right to kill their young, so why should women?
[Is pro-war and pro- death penalty]
Abortion is genocide!
[Constantly uses their religion as reference]

Row 2
Planned parenthood is systematically eliminating African-Americans!
It’s not a women’s rights issue
Bearing children is a woman’s purpose
Contraception can prevent implantation of a LIVING BABY
[Believes that post-abortion syndrome isn’t recognised because the system is biased]

Row 3
Pregnancy is beautiful and natural, so a woman should lie back and let it happen
A rape victim is helped by preserving life, not eliminating it
Middle square: If you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t have sex
Abortion causes breast cancer
[Looks down on teenage and/ or single mothers]

Row 4
I’M doing fine with 7 kids/ a disabled kid/ no money, so no one else should choose differently
[Is anti-gay]
Rape victims can just get a c-section
I once met a woman who regretted her abortion
[Uses rare cases of death from abortion or contraception as proof that the whole thing is wrong and dangerous]

Row 5
Women deserve better!
Damn feminazis!
Whose decision is it if it’s grown in a lab?
All women regret their decision one day
Abortion is worse than rape

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