Sexuality and Gender Expression Bingo

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Anti-Gay Bingo, Willie Hewes (original picture here):

Row 1:
It’s just not natural
There’s no gay gene
Gays are desperate, hopeless, sad, lonely, miserable people
Oh, and they’re really slutty, too
I LOVE gay people, but I just don’t like what they do

Row 2:
Anal sex causes AIDS/ STDs/ cancer/ death
Gays can change, therefore they should
Gay parenting harms children.
The gays already have equal rights, they want special rights!
The Bible is crystal clear on the subject of homosexuality

Row 3:
It’s a sin and/ or it’s immoral
Sexuality is about inserting a peg (man) into a hole (woman). The gays just don’t get that.
Middle square: Being gay is a lifestyle
Gays need to get right with God
Gays are sexual predators who want our children

Row 4:
They’ll ask us to tolerate bestiality, paedophillia, incest and/ or polygamy next!
They’re out to destroy marriage/ the family
I’m not a homophobe, I just think gay relationships are inferior to straight ones
The pro-gay media have clouded the people’s judgement!
A “family” means a man, a woman and their biological children. Nothing else will do

Row 5:
The purpose of marriage is to provide a stable home for children…
… but that only works if the parents are a mixed gender couple
Stop shoving it down my throat! We got along fine when you were all still in your closets!
They’re the ones who are intolerant of my opinion!
They want us to think it’s NORMAL!

Footer: It’s time for anti-gay bingo! To play, simply cross off the boxes for every argument used by an anti-gay activist or article. If you score five in a row, you win! Claim your prize from
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Bisexual Bingo, Found in a forum post,original author unknown (original picture here):

Row 1:
Bisexuals are just gays who want to keep straight privilege
Bisexuality is natural for women, but not for men. It’s DIFFERENT for men!
I wish my girlfriend was bi, it’d be so hot!
Isn’t it hypocritical to be bi and object to all the girl on girl experimentation in the media?
Isn’t it a little hypocritical to be bi and say no to porn/ rough sex/ a threesome?

Row 2:
You’re straight really, you just want to be edgy
You can’t have it both ways, honey
Bisexuals are responsible for spreading STIs to the straight community
Bisexuals are nymphomaniacs/ available any time
Bi people always leave their partner for the other sex when they get bored

Row 3:
[Confuses bisexuals with intersex or trans people]
[Calls bi people ‘gays’ even if they’re more attracted to the opposite gender]
middle square: It’s just a phase
Ugh, how can you sleep with him after he’s been with a man?!
Maybe it is natural, but in animals, same sex partners are just preparation for the real thing

Row 4:
It’s feminism’s fault that women are becoming bisexuals
It would be less complex and confusing if bi people stuck to just one gender
It confuses a child if its mother has a boyfriend one minute and a girlfriend the next
Isn’t your [opposite sex partner] intimidated? Why did you have to tell them you’re bi?
So, do you keep the strap on in the cupboard when you’re with a man?

Row 5:
If you’ve only dated one gender, how do you know you’re bi?
You’re a traitor to the gay community/ hetero majority
[Refers to hetero sex as “normal sex” and same gender activity as “gay sex”]
I can handle gay people, but bisexuals are just freaky
[… and all the usual prejudices aimed at gay people, too]
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8 Comments on “Sexuality and Gender Expression Bingo”

  1. cat says:

    In general, I really liked both except for this one bit “There’s no gay gene”. there are plenty of queer people who hold this and you can be queer friendly and have this view. The real issue is when people hold this view “Gays can change, therefore they should”. It is important not to conflate the two.

  2. Rachel says:

    Good point, well made.
    But then, the bingo cards are all about identifying bad arguments, and I’d suggest that the intent of that square was to show that it really doesn’t matter whether a “gay gene” exists or not. (I can’t say for certain, since I didn’t write the card, but it seems likely).

  3. […] to cherish fidelity.” Oh, God, I’m regretting this already. Gender binary. Get out your Gay Bingo cards! Also: they bash dating. Really, dude, it’s okay if you’ve had bad experiences, I totally […]

  4. Tommy says:

    “My taxpayer dollars shouldn’t have to pay for someone’s personal choice”

    Well then…since post-op transsexual persons are sterile and not all of them eventually want/form a family, why should they pay for people who choose to reproduce and have kids? =P

  5. Rachel says:

    I understand where you’re coming from with that post, but really, I don’t think that it helps get the message across – for one thing, the kind of people who complain about their taxed income being spent on trans people tend to overlap with the kind of people who also complain about their taxed income being spent on other peoples’ children!

  6. Rose says:

    This is awesome. Can you please do one for biphobia next?

  7. Rachel says:

    Thanks, Rose, but I didn’t make these cards – I just transcribed them! But you’re right, a biphobic bingo card would be great 🙂 I’ll see what I can do…

  8. EOO says:

    Also bisexual people don’t exist. I hear that the most.

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