Sexuality and Gender Expression Bingo

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Transphobic Bingo, via Arion Hunter (original picture here):

Row 1:
But some people jump into decisions!
[Ignores preferred pronoun and gets defensive when corrected]
Gender doesn’t really matter to me! But…
You seem defensive/ angry. Shouldn’t you calm down?
Trans women and/ or trans men just reinforce the gender binary

Row 2:
I don’t act like a stereotypical gender role. How can I have cisprivilege?
But my friend doesn’t mind when I call him a tranny!
[Compares transitioning to some other optional safety law/ procedure, like seat-belt laws.]
I don’t think I should have to respect your X, so I’m not going to. I have rights!
[Asks questions about trans person’s life “before”]

Row 3:
But a doctor/ therapist has been trained! Surely they know what would be best!
I know I’m not trans, but on {this important trans issue} I think…
Middle square: FREE SPACE – “But why?
But how do you know you’re trans? Gender doesn’t really exist
I wish more exotic people would tell me about their exotic customs

Row 4:
[Conflates and compares trans women and drag queens or butch lesbians and trans men[
But I don’t believe in the gender binary/ have a trans friend/ relative! How can I be transphobic?
[Resents the involvement of an actual trans person because it “stifles discussion”]
Genderqueer/ young trans people are just going through a phase/ are not really trans
I don’t like terms like cisgender/ cissexual. Isn’t that just reverse discrimination?

Row 5:
How can trans women ever really interact as women? They were socialized as men
[Compares trans gender dysphoria to cis person’s awkwardness in traditional gender roles.]
My taxpayer dollars shouldn’t have to pay for someone’s personal choice
My trans friend/ co-worker/ relative said…
Trans men are just women repossessing male privilege!

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The “Feminist” discussion about transpeople Bingo, via a private livejournal account (link included for completness, original picture here):

Row 1:
Transwomen are “imperialists of gender”
Vagina = Woman & Penis = Man
FTMs have so much internalized misogyny that they hate their own womanhood
Transfolk silence the voices of “real” women
FTMs just transition because they want male privilege

Row 2:
Can’t you just accept that you’re a masculine woman, or vice versa?
I’m not trans*; ergo, all transpeople are wrong
SRS for transwomen includes “hacking off” the penis
Transgender is as ludicrous an idea as trans-race
Transpeople are “s/he”, “it” or “trans-genders”

Row 3:
Trans* activism minimizes the oppression of cisgender women
Being trans means that you are reinforcing the gender binary
Middle square: A star with “FREE!” inside it
If MTFs are allowed into women’s bathrooms, they will rape women there
Well, transpeople don’t have normal sexualities, anyway

Row 4:
Transwomen are in cahoots with the great patriarchal cabal
[Uses the phrase “male-to-constructed-female” or vice versa]
MTFs don’t belong in women-only space
Transmen are butches who went “over the edge”
Being able to have children is an essential part of being a woman

Row 5:
MTF transition is a type of rape
[Uses the phrase “women-born-women”]
Young FTMs “gave in to pressure” to transition, and are really lesbians
There’s no such thing as gender; you’re buying into a construct
Having a sex change is like dyeing your hair
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8 Comments on “Sexuality and Gender Expression Bingo”

  1. cat says:

    In general, I really liked both except for this one bit “There’s no gay gene”. there are plenty of queer people who hold this and you can be queer friendly and have this view. The real issue is when people hold this view “Gays can change, therefore they should”. It is important not to conflate the two.

  2. Rachel says:

    Good point, well made.
    But then, the bingo cards are all about identifying bad arguments, and I’d suggest that the intent of that square was to show that it really doesn’t matter whether a “gay gene” exists or not. (I can’t say for certain, since I didn’t write the card, but it seems likely).

  3. […] to cherish fidelity.” Oh, God, I’m regretting this already. Gender binary. Get out your Gay Bingo cards! Also: they bash dating. Really, dude, it’s okay if you’ve had bad experiences, I totally […]

  4. Tommy says:

    “My taxpayer dollars shouldn’t have to pay for someone’s personal choice”

    Well then…since post-op transsexual persons are sterile and not all of them eventually want/form a family, why should they pay for people who choose to reproduce and have kids? =P

  5. Rachel says:

    I understand where you’re coming from with that post, but really, I don’t think that it helps get the message across – for one thing, the kind of people who complain about their taxed income being spent on trans people tend to overlap with the kind of people who also complain about their taxed income being spent on other peoples’ children!

  6. Rose says:

    This is awesome. Can you please do one for biphobia next?

  7. Rachel says:

    Thanks, Rose, but I didn’t make these cards – I just transcribed them! But you’re right, a biphobic bingo card would be great 🙂 I’ll see what I can do…

  8. EOO says:

    Also bisexual people don’t exist. I hear that the most.

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