Biphobic Bingo!

Dear readers (and I know you still exist, because WordPress tells me, so there!), have you seen Rose’s comment on my Sexuality and Gender Expression Bingo page? No? Well, here it is:

“This is awesome. Can you please do one for biphobia next?”

As I said there, I didn’t write any of those cards, I just transcribed them. But my search-engine skills are second to none, and I’ve actually found not just a Biphobic Bingo card, but a whole load of others, too! Hooray!

Bear with me as I tinker about behind the scenes to bring the new ones to your attention…

I Have An Answer!

Not a very good one, admittedly, but I do at least have one.

So, you know how there’s that bingo-worthy saying, “I don’t see colour”?

And you know how there’s a trend for advertising towards men to use all of the shades of the black/grey/white/silver spectrum?

Maybe it’s true!

Maybe, the reason that advertisers don’t use actual colours to advertise to men is because they are advertising primarily towards white men who are likely to say “I don’t see colour“! The advertisers are therefore targeting a more specific demographic than it would first appear: the demographic of racist, mindless, male douchebags!

For example, Lynx. They have a white man surrounded by white women to sum up the brand on their website. I think my assumptions are reasonable.

I am a genius.

In other news, because I am a maths geek, it turns out that any numeric palindrome of the form ABBA – like 1331 –  is divisible by 11. This pleases me, because it was worth 4 marks in my exam. And also because it makes 11 a more useful number.

I Have Used Up All Of My Sanity Points

I fail at using Google.

Seriously, I do. I noticed I’ve been getting quite a few hits on my Bingo page – which I reckon is the most comprehensive list around at the moment. I’ve had to update it again, and it’s now got 22 different cards. That, my friends, is dedication. Shame it’s not on a blog with a larger readership, really.

Anyway, there was a point to this, and the point was, that I googled “anti-feminist bingo”, just to see where my humble little blog turned up. I didn’t find it in the first couple of pages, but I did find something called “fembot bingo”. I’m not linking. It turns up all over the place, including YouTube.

Now, when I saw that, it set off minor alarm bells. But I had this idea it might be along the lines of bingo-playing using trolls who believe that women are there for their sexual pleasure alone. As a reminder, I last saw the word “fembot” here.

Anyway, being foolish, I clicked on the link. And only as I did so did I notice the address. Suffice it to say that the phrase “antimisandry” was in it. Like I say, I fail at Google, because otherwise I would have noticed that before clicking on the link. But the damage was done. And now I think I need a new desk. Mine has a big, head-shaped dent in it.

According to man in the disturbing YouTube video (who seems to be labouring under the delusion that wearing a shirt and tie will somehow make his words, you know, make sense), the word “fembot” is made up of two words: feminist and robot. This surprised me, as I am more used to the two words being feminist and nazi. But I digress. He goes on to assert that feminsts use “shaming language”, including “you’re fat and ugly” and “you’re gay”. Perhaps you can tell it’s “fembots” saying these things because, unlike trolls, they actually know how to use punctuation? I think we should be told.

Of course, if your head isn’t too far up your own arse, maybe you’d be able to work out that it’s incredibly unlikely that any real feminist would ever say those things. Given that mostly we are the recipients of such comments. And given that we tend not to give a damn about other peoples’ sexuality and/or fuckability. In fact, the people most likely to use those phrases as slurs are the very people who create websites with “misandry” in the title, the people that think that all feminists are part of a hive-mind, the people that claim to live in a matriarchy. Sometimes, I wish they’d share. I’d love to live in a matriarchy right now.